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Twenty-five years ago today, we lost a prominent artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988).


1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z T-Top 
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diddy bop
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Jay-Z, photographed at the original Roc-A-Fella Records office by John Ricard in 1998.
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Pharrell’s birthday is on the 5th mines is on the 7th. I don’t know why that should matter but it’s a Aries thing, nigga don’t hate. I’m turning 20!!! *really loud, and hood*

Anywho, I quit bitch ass Walmart tonight. I hope I never have to work for such shit again. I’m so glad my old job took me back I don’t know why the fuck I left. But Walmart really showed me how lucky I was before I got there. The past 5 months have been hell. I was working over night. Not to mention last night when I worked I cleaned so much shit off of toilet seats it wasn’t even funny. They let fucking crack heads run free in the damn store. One night one got out the emergency exit with a damn 40 inch flat screen. Bad as my ass need a TV bitch. Hell I woulda been took one. And I worked at the most ghetto Walmart in the whole city. I’m from rachet ass Tampa Bay if you’re wondering. St. Petersburg, to be exact. But only I can talk shit bout my city. But back to this Walmart, It’s dirty, all the crack heads and bums come there trying to steal or return stupid shit for money without receipts …like really bitch, a jar of relish. 

I can’t do it anymore. My managers were so fucking petty and obnoxious. I don’t mean to be racist but I do believe not wanting to understand the other side of shit simply because you don’t have to is a white people thing. I feel they really enjoy being arrogant. And they love to make assumptions about shit they know nothing about. Ughhh…I’m just glad it’s over. I wouldn’t wish that place on my worst enemy. God I pray I never have to work at that place ever again. Or do anything involving cleaning. I thank you father, in Jesus name. Amen.

I don’t like lying…but hey. Although I do feel bad about using my mother’s blood pressure. Father forgive me…

Overnight Celebirty (Feat. Kanye West)

Severed Heads of Namibian Prisoners - acquired by German eugenecist, Eugen Fischer.
African heads were sent to Germany & displayed in homes, offices, & museums as trophies.
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I’ll be selling my first set of photo tees that i did with @tmfintl JSP and the americus at the event tomorrow night in dtla. all prices between 30 and 50 bucks. All proceeds go to my dawg Esco’s books / bail. RSVp to attend the event weinyohood@gmail.com 

I think I have a problem. I looked it up. I might have an anxiety disorder. Like everything can be fine but I’ll wind up feeling bad because I’m thinking about any possible thing that can go wrong. I wish I could just live and not worry about stuff. I try not to. 

…i’m a real weirdo. 

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