You see the clothes that you in

The car that you driving, (ahh) even the house we spent time in

Now I’ma player, I used to be nice, (ahh)

These bitches can’t front the price you were…

(Supposed to be the answer to my prayers)

Who’s this new nigga you loving

(Supposed to be the answer to my prayers)

Might as well gone out and clubbin’.

I knew you weren’t no good bae.

But I kept my finger crossed hoping that eventually you’d finally come along

I used to play so good bae.

But I finally brushed it off, be up in the spot screaming bring it over fuck the cost.

You wanted a millionaire. You think you’re a dime. Who you think I am? You supposed to be mine. Girl I don’t like sharing, quality time. You calling my phone. You crossing the line. Dear girl you’re playing with a player. Should go out for mayor. You used to be there. Now you don’t care. Don’t walk out the door. Don’t take back your key. No, I don’t want you to leave. I’m begging you please.

You had dreams of being a movie star.

Driving up the coast in your fancy car.

Girl you’re playing with a bad hand of cards.

Why you maxing out all the credit cards.


benchpressprintSvensson ContemporaryHarry Gassel, Tommy Flag Series: 8.5 × 11″, Riso MZ 1090U, 2013. Riso MZ 1090U prints on acid-free Mohawk Via Vellum Radiant White paper (118 gsm); 8.5 × 11 in. Edition of 20.


maybe i should try this… Gucci Spring 2003
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Mario Testino, Gucci, 1997
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Every time the bass drop ooo girl I think of you

In a mad land of hope and credit cards girl you see me through

It’s all of a sudden, I hope you hear what I’m saying to you

And I hope that you believe all of these words are true 

(You got me fired up)

And I can’t help but feeling the way I feel

I’m diggin’ you here looking at the wall with nothing but time to kill

(You got me fired up)

Ooo you got a nigga singing sad songs

Left me alone, my days long, girl you dead wrong.

You know the meaning of love? The feelings for the one that I adore

Want you to love me, don’t stop till you give me more

Want you to put on a show, and I’ll leave the review

Then come consume me, like our love is new

Hook:// And as the storm is carrying on…

The Storm (Instrumental)
Rank “Gone By Morning”
Coming Soon…
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Often I have visions of things that I can’t make out. With that being said, a lot of the material I made on this project are my perceptions of things I’ve seen. Whether it be in dreams or while listening to sound. While making music I wanted to experience it for myself on the outside. Meaning I wanted to try and understand what my music would sound like to a person that’s hearing it for the first time. Doing this helped me in many ways. When I first started recording I hated the way I sounded. I tried to alter my voice and what I discovered was that no matter how high or low I tried to make my voice sound, at the end of the day all I really could do was sound like me. For me, this project was not only the discovery of a dream, but me acting on the possibility that it could happen. I have a long way to go. But what I also learned during this journey was I had to except myself and love myself. You never know how many things you don’t like about yourself until you strip away everything in an effort to become one with your imagination. My album (to me) is some what of a prophecy. I didn’t want to just talk about vain subjects such as women, cars and money. But I wanted to blend those things with hurt and discouragement. I wrote music that addressed life in general. In the past year, I’ve made well over 80 songs for this project. And I feel a person listening will feel the impact of all of those in the 10 I chose for the official album. As for I believe in uniform, and wished to master the sound I wanted to be known for. I wanted to talk about the male perspective of love, life, and fashion. I wanted to talk about ambition and hustling for what you want. I wanted to talk about dying. You know, cause love can make a person want to do that.

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Kate Moss in ‘Dans La Cite Des Anges’,French Glamour April 1992
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Gala, December 1996Photographer : Helmut NewtonJerry Hall & Thierry Mugler 

i feel like this photo best describes me and my aspirations
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Canvas  by  andbamnan